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Yes! Each pet is assigned to an individual walker who will walk them on a regular basis. We also have back ups trained and available to cover in emergencies. We offer on-one-on-one walks, pack walks, and some of our walkers are able to bring their pups to support specific training needs. 

We walk your dog around your neighborhood but wont stray too far since there are time frames that our walkers have to adhere to. If there is a certain block to avoid or a path close by that your pet adores, let us know! We will always do our best to accommodate.

Only one pet is walked at a time to ensure they receive the individual care and attention. The only exception is if you live in a multiple dog household or if you booked a Pack Walk.

Yes, of course! If you are training your pet or use specific commands, please let us know! We will share this information so your pet care professional can reinforce your training.

We use an online system, called PetSitterPlus, where you will be able to log on and request services as well as add information on your pet. And we do not require weekly nor monthly minimums – we understand that everybody’s daily needs are different.

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Our designated time frame for your pet to be walked is between 11am and 3pm. If early morning walks or after hours (4pm-9pm) are needed, we will do our absolute best to accommodate. If a shorter time frame is needed, like 11am-1pm or 2-3pm, that can be arranged as well. Though we unfortunately cannot guarantee evening walks nor weekend walks, we will always reach out to all walkers trained on your pet to try to fulfill your request.

You can use the same online scheduling portal to cancel walks. We ask that cancellations be made by 10am on the day of the walk to give the walkers an opportunity to re-plan their routes.

Through the same online website you use for scheduling, there is a section that your walker will update with notes each day after they have finished walking your pet. Here they will note the time of day, how the walk went, and if your pet went to the bathroom or not. You will be able to access these notes daily.

We partner with poopbags.com who are an eco-friendly company that produces biodegradable waste bags. We supply each of our walkers with as many as they can store to ensure they always have the necessary supplies to clean up after your dog.

Adventure Tails is bonded and insured through Pet Sit, LLC.

Invoicing occurs on the first of each month, via email, for the previous month of service. Payment is due within 30 days of service, or a late fee of $25 per month will apply. We accept credit cards, direct payments can be set up through PetSitterPlus, we also accept Chase quick pay, or a physical check can be mailed.

If you are able to have a set made before the scheduled meet and greet, during that visit would be perfect. If not, we can arrange to pick them up on a date that works best for you before any services start.

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